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Behind the Owner

Dwight has had a passion for barbering since the age of 12. He stumbled into barbering back then by maintaining his own hair, as well as, friends and family. After years of diligently working in many sectors of protective services, he decided to turn his passion into his career. Dwight attended Ultimate Touch Barber College and graduated in 2018. He went on to obtain his state license for barbering. He then took is education to the next level by attending and completing the barber instructor program at his alma mater. Dwight's passion for barbering stretches beyond the art of cutting hair. He has an energy that connects with his clients, young and old. He uses his barber chair to mentor, encourage, empower and uplift, as well as provide an excellant service. As he builds his clientele, he looks towards his future and gears towards opening up his brainchild, Crown Kings Barber Shop.

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